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Whiskey Business Tasting Dinner

January 25, 2021 06:00 PM until January 25, 2021 09:00 PM

Limited Seating. Call for reservations. $68 per person plus tax. Gratuity not included in ticket price. Menu below.

American whiskey started its life as a raw, unaged spirit that had, as its main attribute, the power to spur the courage of the first colonists. And through the years, whiskey has developed into the complex, big-bodied, distinctively American bourbons, ryes, and Tennessee whiskeys that today, are savored by connoisseurs, sipped by grandmothers, tossed back by barflies, and “discovered” by almost every American as he or she reaches that magical age of twenty-one. American whiskey, itself, has reached maturity in relatively recent years, after spending a 300-year adolescence being molded by every major event that has affected its native country. And at times, the reverse is true--whiskey has affected the nation itself.


Remembering the New Discovery

Warm Brussel Salad | Blue Cheese Ravioli | Honey Crisp Lardons | Charred Cipollini Onion

Homage to our First Immigrants

Chi Charon Crusted Salmon Crudo | Ginger Oil | Toasted Pepper | Pickled Scallion Micro Salad

Oh Sweet Virginia

Crispy Pork Belly | Pickled Mustard Seed | Orange Bourbon Bar-B-Q |Rice Crisp

It’s a State Of Mind…

Truffle Soaked Ribeye | Corn Pudding | Whiskey Brown Sugar Jus |Sweet Potato Pave

It’s been a Good Day

Chocolate Beignets | Tea Pecan Brittle | Rye Carmel Foam| Blistered Walnut Gelato

When the first immigrants arrived on this continent, their love for alcohol in almost any shape or form led to a chain of events that would culminate in the creation of distinctive American whiskeys. By tracing the thirst the settlers wanted to slake we can plot the development of American whiskey from the early days of the settlers in Virginia and New England all the way through time to today. Furthermore, we can track the creation of bourbon and Tennessee whiskey back to their very roots--a rare opportunity when the subject is food or drink.